Anil Srinivasan and the sound unbound

1 year ago

Anil Srinivasan and the sound unbound

Pianist Anil Srinivasan, who performed in Delhi this week, on straddling Carnatic classical with Bach and never melding the two

Anil Srinivasan and the sound unbound

Anil Srinivasan and the sound unbound

At the Stein Auditorium on Tuesday evening, 38-year-old Anil Srinivasan sat at a glistening grand piano and created a variety of symphonic dances. Riding on swift tempos, Debussy’s famous Serenade of the Doll flowed into a Carnatic classical thillana through a collection of notes, while children played on a screen on the side. The two pieces met, cajoled each other for a bit, found their pinnacle and went their own way. Never did they become one.

Soon, one heard a tribute to popular music: Khayyam’s Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein in raag Yaman flowed into Chhoo kar mere man ko, and then with much panache, into a jazz piece. He concluded the act with a Bach piece. The long lines were contemplative and gripping, but only for a very small number of people who attended the concert. Surprising, because the quality of music one heard was quite unique.

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