Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein 2015 Full Movie Watch Online

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Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein 2015 Full Movie Watch Online

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Director: Manish Srivastav (as Manish Shrivastava)

Writers: Amit Sial, Manish Srivastav (as Manish Shrivastava)

Stars: Naseeruddin Shah, Disha Arora, Auroshikha Dey

Genre: Thriller

Language: Hindi

Quality: DVDScr

Released: 6 November 2015

Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein :

Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein is a Bollywood movie directed by Manish Srivastav.The film is set for nationwide release on 6 November 2015


Team at the Launching of Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein Trailer.
This film has been shot in Mumbai, Maharashtra (India).Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein was shot in a record 19 days. The farmhouse you see in the climax of the film is Naseeruddin Shah’s farmhouse. The makers couldn’t find an appropriate location, So Naseeruddin Shah offered his own farmhouse for the shoot. There was no video assist on shoot and 60% of the film is shot guerrilla. Lot of times the camera would be hidden in a car. Which meant the actors would do and take and come in the car.The director would watch the footage, give feedback and the actors would again go out on the streets and perform. With all of this, the whole film was done in sync sound.The whole cast and crew has done the film for free. The film is divided on almost two equal parts- the Crime and the investigation. The crime portion which is almost 50% of the film has no background music. Lot of portions are shot in the streets of Bandra. All the people you see in the background are not junior artists but actual Bandra citizens taking a walk or jogging unaware that there is a film being shot and they are on camera.

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