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10 months ago

Drushyakavyam 2016 Full Movie Online Watch HD

Movie Description :

  • Movie : Drushyakavyam
  • Directors : Bellam Rama Krishna Reddy
  • Writers : Bellam Rama Krishna Reddy
  • Cast : ali, Karthik, Kashmira Kulakarni
  • Release Date : 23 03 2016
  • Country : South Indian
  • Languages : Telugu


Story :

The story begins with a little girl reading her father’s diary. And the diary talks about a flashback of how her parents Akhil and Abhinaya, met, fell in love, got married, and started a family. The hero sets off on a trip to Europe, and his best friend gets a phone call stating that there was an accident and that the hero, Akhil died in the accident. When the friend goes to the hero’s house, he sees his family talking to him over the phone. Who is this imposter? What happened to Akhil? Whose ghost do they see in the house regularly? All this forms the rest of the story.

Analysis :

Where do I begin?! From the first frame to the last, firstly the story was extremely lengthy. The directed concentrated way too much time on showing us the romance between the hero and heroine, instead of sticking to the plot of the ghost. Coming to the plot of the story, well there is none. Unnecessary family drama and songs misplaced in serious scenes make it look like the director was only trying to drag the story further. Too many jump cuts and the abrupt climax marred the movie on the whole.

The first two songs of the movie were soothing, but the rest of the songs are wrongly placed, one could even say that they were unnecessary. The horror element is shown only in a few scenes, failing to hold the genre of the movie till the end. Amateur direction, acting and bad editing have marred the movie. The screenplay and lack of storyline make us wonder if the movie would ever get over.

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