Tis the Season for Love 2015 Movie Online

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Tis the Season for Love

Tis the Season for Love 2015 Movie Online

  • Director : Terry Ingram
  • Writers : Nina Weinman
  • Genres : Comedy, Romance
  • Release Date : 1 November 2015
  • Country : Canada
  • Language : English
  • Runtime : 106 min
  • Actors & Actresses : Garry Chalk,Andrew Francis,Jessica Harmon,Sarah Lancaster

Tis the Season for Love :

Home is where the heart is. But to truly live, we need the head and the heart to work in sync. For struggling actress Beth Baker, the heart is yearning for a return to her small-town roots, whereas the head wants to keep fighting until she finally lands on Broadway. Which will she follow?

Ten years into her career, Beth (Sarah Lawrence) is finding that bit parts off-off-Broadway don’t add up to a steady income. Unable to make ends meet on her own, she’s resorted to rooming with the more successful Nicole. “Sleeping on the couch, doing bad theater, waiting tables – this is not how it’s supposed to be.”

Nicole surprises Beth with an early Christmas gift: a return trip home to Kern. While excited at the prospect of seeing her mom and old friends, Beth is also hesitant to let them in on her something-short-of-success. “They all expected so much from me, you know. Destined for greatness, so the yearbook said…the stupid, lying yearbook.”

Once home, Beth braces for a reunion with old flame Barry. But when she runs into him at the Christmas tree lot, she finds out he’s a happy husband and father. Luckily, however, he’s also accompanied by another high school friend, Dean (Brendan Penny). Sparks fly, and the interest appears mutual.

Beth stops by Santa to make a wish: that she lands the coveted role for which she’d recently auditioned in a David Mamet play. Santa accepts her wish with a strong note of caution: “I have learned that sometimes what we don’t wish for is more powerful than what we do.”

Over drinks with her old friends, who assume she’s continued her run of success from the high school stage to the Great White Way, Beth opens up about her career. “The thing is, in New York City, every single girl at every single open casting call is the extraordinary girl from her hometown. We’re like a dime a dozen there.” Dean, of course, still finds her extraordinary just the way she is.

After a single phone call delivers the double-whammy that she lost both the audition and her agent, Beth revisits the tree lot. Santa gifts her a small key on a necklace. Beth changes her Christmas wish to finding out what would have happened had she never left Kern.

When she sleeps that night, Beth dreams she is married with twin sons. The next night, she dreams she is the town’s school drama teacher. And the next, she finally dreams whom she would have married: Dean, not Barry as she’d always assumed.

With a new beau and a role helping plan the school’s holiday festival, Beth is increasingly at home in her old hometown. She feels reborn and can see herself living the life envisioned in her dreams. “I feel like something has opened inside of me. I feel…good. I never imagined this life for myself.”

When a late casting change means the Mamet role comes through after all, requiring a minimum six-month commitment, Beth must choose whether to follow her heart and stay in Kern with Dean or follow her head and return to the stage in New York.

I won’t give away what she chooses, but you can probably guess how things work out.

‘Tis the Season for Love is the entertaining first entry in Hallmark Channel’s slate of 17 new films for the 2015 holidays. The cast is winning, though the story line is predictable and hews awfully close to Family for Christmas, which Hallmark previewed this summer. Still, with its infusion of small-town charm and genial Christmas spirit, it’s a welcome reminder that ‘tis indeed the season for love and Hallmark.


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