Uncanny 2015 Full Movie Watch Online

1 year ago

Uncanny 2015

Uncanny 2015 Full Movie Watch Online

  • Director : Matthew Leutwyler
  • Writers : Shahin Chandrasoma
  • Genres : Drama, Sci Fi, Thriller
  • Release Date : January 30, 2015
  • Country : USA
  • Language : English
  • Runtime : 91 min
  • Starring : Mark Webber,Lucy Griffiths,David Clayton Rogers,Rainn Wilson

Uncanny :

Like most classic Sci-Fi films that most people seem to enjoy, Uncanny suffers from being a slow-moving movie. Now that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a clever movie in a lot of ways. And that also doesn’t mean that it is a bad movie. I’m just saying that the movie doesn’t get in a hurry, but when it does actually do something it tends to be rather important to the plot or a good twist, which comes at the end, but that is neither here nor there or am I going to spoil that. You may very well guess that, but it is a bit if a twist and if you are shocked by it, you might be pretty darn shocked by it to say the least. Ultimately for a movie that is basically about people trying to play God, I found it to be about as interesting as something of this pace could be. There is a very stripped down nature to it, but it seems to cover for that by being smart if nothing else. It is very character driven and when one person is playing a robot you can’t knock this one for being what it ends up being and being how it ends up being.

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